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Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Watching Instagram Users Through Phone Cameras

Facebook is once again facing accusations of spying on its users. On Thursday, a plaintiff


World’s Best Chess Player: Bitcoin Empowers Individuals to Be More Than Just Pawns to Reckless Governments

World chess champion Gary Kasparov says cryptocurrencies enable individuals to regain control of personal finances at a time when unilateral moves by government and institutions are on the rise.

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New Study: How Hollywood Stereotypes the Rich

Gordon Gekko’s most famous lines in Wall Street are, “The point is, ladies and gentlemen,

Creative, egalitarian, carbon-neutral – the future of industry?

‘Industries must fulfil a social purpose’ James Sancto, 27, UK Co-founder and CEO of We

How the Federal Reserve literally makes money

Author: William J. Luther, Florida Atlantic University The Federal Reserve has vowed to provide up

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Massive Inflation May Be Coming, Because the US Gov Has Cornered Itself into a Fiscal End Game

The federal government is moving into the final stages of its fiscal life. Deficits have

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7 SEO Tips for Content Writing

It has become inevitable to take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into account when writing content

Why Forced ‘Charity’ Is Bad Economics

“Economics tells us that the dominant motivation [behind charitable donations] is the internal satisfaction that