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Story Spanish police plan to extend use of its lie-detector while efficacy is unclear | AlgorithmWatch

by Naiara Bellio Veripol is a software that assesses the veracity of complaints filed with


Story Spam filters are efficient and uncontroversial. Until you look at them. | AlgorithmWatch

By Nicolas Kayser-Bril • • GPG Key An experiment reveals that Microsoft Outlook marks

Story Automated discrimination: Facebook uses gross stereotypes to optimize ad delivery | AlgorithmWatch

Auf Deutsch lesen: Automatisierte Diskriminierung: Facebook verwendet grobe Stereotypen, um die Anzeigenschaltung zu optimieren By

Story In French daycare, algorithms attempt to fight cronyism | AlgorithmWatch

By Alexandre Léchenet In many cities, it is unclear whose children can hope for a

Female historians and male nurses do not exist, Google Translate tells its European users | AlgorithmWatch

By Nicolas Kayser-Bril • • GPG Key An experiment shows that Google Translate systematically

Story In Italy, an appetite for face recognition in football stadiums | AlgorithmWatch

By Fabio Chiusi This story is part of AlgorithmWatch’s upcoming report Automating Society 2020, to

GPT-3 is a lot of fun, but no game-changer | AlgorithmWatch

By Nicolas Kayser-Bril • • GPG Key We usually do not write about newly-released

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