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First pilot for the Google and Apple-based decentralised tracing app

As of today, employees at EPFL, ETH Zurich, the Army, and some hospitals and cantonal administrations can download the digital proximity tracing application “SwissCovid”. This large-scale pilot, the first in the world using the OS updates from Apple and Google, paves the way for public availability by mid-June.


Food & Health

Diagnose schizophrenia possible with brain ‘signature’

People with schizophrenia and their healthy siblings share patterns of brain activity that are different from those seen in individuals

High Doses of Ketamine Can Temporarily Switch Off the Brain

Researchers have identified two brain phenomena that may explain some of the side-effects of ketamine. Their measurements of the brain waves

Lockdowns Prevented Millions of COVID Deaths, Studies Show

/VOA News/ Lockdowns across the globe prevented millions of deaths from the novel coronavirus, new studies published Monday report. According

A New Alliance for a Healthier World launched

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), GAIN and Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World launch new online dashboard to inform