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The Secret of Lifetime Cloud Storage – Top 3 Amazing Deals on Whole Internet

We all like free stuff, but we also know that there’s no free lunch; someone got to pay the bill.  For big enterprises that provide us free services, such as Facebook or Google — we, the users, are the products; we are being tagged and categorized into groups for advertisers to target.  Most of people would think it’s fine, “I don’t mind seeing ads”, you might say.  But if you want to keep critical information, especially as a business, you might be thinking otherwise.

Risk of free cloud storage from the Big Techs

Let’s take cloud storage for example. We all have some documents or data saved in either Google drive, One drive or Dropbox; however, there are several risks associated with using free tier cloud storage services for critical business data. 

Some of these risks include loss of control over sensitive data, data leakage, snooping, key management issues, and cloud credentials being compromised. Additionally, if a vendor is providing a service for free, their business model likely involves using your data to further their own business interests (e.g. Google) – either by mining your data to obtain information with which to advertise to you and/or selling your personal information to their business partners.

It’s important to carefully consider the security and privacy implications before becoming reliant upon cloud services 

The Solution

How about paid cloud storage? Most of the cloud storage providers have affordable basic subscription plans, but for business use it could be a burden, and you might lose your data if the provided payment method comes into problem.

The ultimate solution is to have a lifetime subscription, and we have found very affordable lifetime cloud storage deals that offer you space and peace of mind; what’s better, we tried all these ourselves and they all work as described. 

The lifetime subscriptions won’t last forever, grab a deal which fits your needs when it’s still available.

Koofr Cloud Storage (10GB free)

Koofr is a cloud storage service based in Slovenia. It offers safe EU-based cloud storage for your files from different devices and platforms. You can also connect your existing cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive to Koofr and transfer files between them with no limit.

Koofr interface; you can see the available linked accounts on the left panel

Koofr offers a lifetime subscription plan with up to 1TB of storage space for a one-time payment, follow the links below to purchase the plan from Stacksocial. You can sign up for a free account with 10GB space as a trial.

Koofr Cloud Storage Lifetime 100GB for $29.99

Koofr Cloud Storage Lifetime 250GB for $59.99

Koofr Cloud Storage Lifetime 1TB for $139.99

Prism Drive Cloud Storage

If you are looking for really large amount of storage, Prism Drive’s up to 10 TB of storage available with a lifetime subscription should be enough to store a large amount of data without worrying about running out of space.

Prism Drive is a company from California, and it has the interface (as shown below) similar to Dropbox, you won’t need long learning curve to start using it.

Prism Drive interface, taken from Prism Drive homepage

You can access Prism drive from any devices via mobile app or web, and it uses advanced encryption methods to ensure the safety and privacy of user data.  In the long run compared to other cloud storage services that require monthly or yearly payments, it is a truly amazing deal.

Prism Drive Lifetime 2TB for $49

Prism Drive Lifetime 5TB for $69

Prism Drive Lifetime 10TB for $89

Amaryllo Cloud Storage

Not everyone needs several TB’s storage; if you only use cloud storage for small personal project, then you can consider Amaryllo’’s lifetime subscription plans from 50GB to 200GB.

Amaryllo interface

Amaryllo is a company based in Irvine, California, and it’s data location is in USA.  Like the other deals, you can access Amaryllo’s service with any devices via mobile app or website.

The service uses advanced encryption methods to ensure the safety and privacy of user data. You can sign up for a free account and receive 10GB storage. If you like it and you may consider lifetime plans.

Here are the special lifetime offers from Amaryllo that come with 2 packs in a deal.

Amaryllo Cloud Storage Lifetime 50GB 2 packs for $29.99

Amaryllo Cloud Storage Lifetime 100GB 2 packs for $49.99

Amaryllo Cloud Storage Lifetime 200GB 2 packs for $99.99