Escape Teheran

Jim and his family had been in Iran for four days, and things had been going well. They had been touring the country, seeing the sights and learning about the culture. But in the middle of the night on their fourth day, they were woke up by noise in the street.

At first, they thought it was just a party or something, but then they realized that something was wrong. Jim quickly turned on the TV and saw that there was a political coup happening. The government was being overthrown and people were rioting in the streets.

If they wanted to stay alive, Jim knew that they had to get to the US embassy in three hours. He woke up his wife and daughters and told them what was happening. They quickly packed their bags and Jim called a taxi. They were lucky enough to find one who was willing to take them to the embassy. With the riots going on all around them, they made it safely to the embassy and were safeguard back to their home country of America.