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iBrave Lifetime Hosting – Is it legit?

In short: Yes, it is legit, because this site is hosted on iBrave!
Read more below, including the links to purchase subscription that you can redeem and use rightaway.

If you’re a facebook page owner, you will probably see the AD of iBrave Lifetime hosting for $99.99 from a few different affiliate venders.

The original source of this sale is from StackSocial (link). Is it a good deal? How does it work? and many people even ask: Who’s “lifetime” is it?

First of all, it is a very attractive deal. Unlimited webhosting is not a new thing in the market, many top-tier hosting service providers offer similar pricing plans, but what makes the difference here is the lifetime deal. We will explain the pros and cons of such deal, and you can decide if it’s the right deal for you.

The “Catch” of the Unlimited Hosting

In unlimited plan, you can host many, many websites and create many MySQL databses. However, the limitation is on the number of files – or “inodes”, ranging from 10,000 to 250,000.

When you reach the limit of files, you can’t update or upload your website anymore until you delete some. But I think it is necessary to prevent misuse of the resources.

Is it really “Lifetime”?

The short answer is – Yes, it is. Although in the term of use, the lifetime depends on the survival of the company. Many startups use this method to quickly getting new customers, and for almost a-hundred dollars, even if you use it for a few years it’s still a steal, but you must keep a updated backup in another cloud storage in case something happens.

What about the speed of iBrave hosting?

This site is currently hosting on iBrave 😃. So check around the site and see the speed, you will get an idea. So far things work fine, and I think it is a steal.

If you’re interested to purchase the iBrave lifetime hosting deal, there are two packages for you to choose, check the details following the link to Stock Social:

iBrave Cloud Web Hosting: Unlimited Lifetime subscription for $99.99

iBrave Cloud Web Hosting: 10 Websites Lifetime Subscription for $49.99

User Experience of iBrave Hosting

After you login, first you come to the subscription page

iBrave hosting after login  page
iBrave landing page

You can see there are multiple domains there, since this is an unlimited package I can still add in more sites; but I do not plan to host more than 10 sites, because I want to cherish this great product and do not want to abuse my package.

After clicking “Manage”, you enter the hosting control panel:

iBrave Hosting unlimited plan, iBrave Hosting user interface
iBrave hosting client area

It is very similar to Control Panel but the icons are more modern, and we really like that you can re-order the function blocks so to put what’s important for you on the top.

Once I had a question and after I sent the query to their online support, I got a reply around 24 hours. I think it’s pretty good, and most of the chances are you won’t even need to contact the support because everything is straightforward and clear.

So guys, if you host websites, catch the chance and get you this great hosting service!