Love Using ChatGPT? Watch out these limits

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses a neural network model to generate natural language responses based on user input. However, ChatGPT has some limitations that users should be aware of before engaging in a conversation with it. We will explain ChatGPT’s input wordcount limit and answer limit, and what topics will be ignored by the chatbot.

Input wordcount limit

ChatGPT can only process a limited number of words in each user input. The maximum number of words that ChatGPT can handle is 256. If the user input exceeds this limit, ChatGPT will truncate the input and only use the first 256 words to generate a response. This means that some information or context may be lost or ignored by the chatbot. Therefore, users should try to keep their input concise and relevant to the topic of the conversation.

Answer wordcount limit

ChatGPT can only generate a limited number of words in each response. The maximum number of words that ChatGPT can produce is 128. If the generated response exceeds this limit, ChatGPT will cut off the response and only return the first 128 words to the user. This means that some details or explanations may be incomplete or missing from the chatbot’s answer. Therefore, users should not expect ChatGPT to provide long or comprehensive answers to complex or open-ended questions.

Topics that ChatGPT “hates”

ChatGPT is designed to have a friendly and casual conversation with users on a variety of topics. However, ChatGPT will not respond to certain topics that are considered harmful, inappropriate, or sensitive. These topics include violence, abuse, hate speech, politics, religion, sexuality, personal information, and anything that violates the terms of service of Microsoft Bing. If the user input contains any of these topics, ChatGPT will either refuse to answer or end the conversation politely. Therefore, users should respect ChatGPT’s boundaries and avoid bringing up these topics in the chat.

We hope this post has helped you understand ChatGPT’s limit. ChatGPT is still a work in progress and is constantly improving its capabilities and performance.