Love Ear-budding all day long? Better stop before it’s too late…

Since our daily lives have become inseparable with mobile phones, the popularity of earphone related products also grow sky-rocking high. Every major mobile phone manufacturer launches their branded earphone and wireless earbuds. Today, earphone products are the most popular wearable devices, and many young people get the hobby of stuffing earbuds in their ears most of the day.

However, a Quora user revealed his regret for using earphones 8 hours a day for two years, because now he got the uncurable syndrome that will follow him all his life.

In a question titled “What is something nobody tells you, but you wish you knew earlier?”, a user named Tim Denning recounts his regret.

Tim wrote that his girlfriend gifted him a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones, which helped the wearer block out all the noise. He’s worn the headphones most days for the last 2 years during the entire 8-hour workday, and he started hearing high-pitched noise.

He is diagnosed with tinnitus. There’s no cure. (Although there are alternative healing method such as meditation, acupuncture, etc.)


Wearing headphones every day can screw up your ears. You should:

  • Lower the volume of your music as much as you can.
  • Take breaks from headphones.
  • Have days when you don’t wear headphones.
  • Wear earplugs at loud concerts.
  • Use speakers in your office instead of in-ear headphones.

Treasure your health, do not overuse any tech gadgets, and you will feel better and less dependent on external stuffs.