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Stop over ZOOM-ing on new clients, please

zoom meeting
ZOOM Meeting

The pandemic has opened new horizons for remote working, remote employee dismissal, and – distance meetings. ZOOM is one of the most well-known beneficiaries, according to Statista, on January 31, 2021, Zoom’s revenue amounted to $2.65 billion, up more than 300 percent from just $623 million the previous year, and grew another 55 percent to $4.10 billion by January 2022.

Source: statista

I’m not here to offer praise to ZOOM, Team, or Google Meet… for me, they are all the same thing. But I must ask you – the startups and enterprises that hungrily deploy ZOOM or the likes to the new sign-up users – please STOP ZOOM spam on us.

Dropping off an automatic email reply with a Zoom schedule date picker is like forcing a newsletter subscription or SMS promotion. The worse – sending Zoom schedule reminders when I ignore the mentioned Zoom invite. The reasoning is simple – You don’t even allow me some time to try the product, how do you expect me to have an intention for a ZOOM meeting?

For me, the time and energy required prior to a ZOOM meeting are equal to preparing for a face-to-face meeting: I need to make sure the little and big people are not messing around, the room is clean and tidy in case the ZOOM background drops for even 1 Millie second, and my bust is presentable. I believe that for some it’s not as easy as others to get ready for a ZOOM.

ZOOM is a great product and I’ve been a user for 2 years, I’m very thankful for the availability to meet co-workers, join seminars and training sessions, etc. But I’m not so ready yet to ZOOM-meet for a prospect targeting or a funneling.

So what to do then if not sending a ZOOM invite? The answer is Email. Email is a good thing, please keep using it.

I will accept your Zoom invite when I like the product and would like to learn more; but before that, please stop ZOOMing on me.