Turning Spam Messages into Social Approval

This is a century-old problem for all the website administrators – how to deal with spam messages. For WordPress site admins, it’s especially true. Once your site is indexed in Google, you start receiving spam messages.

Turn Spam Messages into Social Approval
Image: spam messages

Anti-spam becomes a must-instal for all wordpress sites; and still you will get to see “escapers” from time to time.

There is a way out from this cat-and-mouse race, and it will even add to the benefits of the website, it’s very easy and doesn’t require you to install any plugins.

That is – turning spam messages into social approvals.

It’s simple – when the messages are in “pending” status, edit them: delete the website links, delete the sender’s emails or even change the messengers’ nickname as you wish.

Then, edit the message – this is the main trick! Delete the spam info and write whatever you like, whatever you’d like to hear, such as “this is a great website and I already bookmarked it to revisit again”; or any praise that you want.

And voila, you’ve added fans and social approvals to your posts!